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I am Dr. William T. Cozart DDS and I have developed a natural dental solution to relieve the pain and heal a dry socket in one application.   I have also developed a natural dental solution that stops the pain of a toothache for an extended period of time after one application.  I have tested these products on over 400 patients and the products were 100% effective.  Checkout testimonials from patients who had used the treatment.  I have been approached by dental schools to test my products.  Currently, I have a patent associated with this technology, patent Number 6V98,534  and I will be applying for an international patent. Currently Dr. Cozart is doing other research in other areas of dentistry and health.



About Dr. William Cozart, DDS BS PA PLLC


Dr. William Cozart graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Dr. Cozart is currently practicing dentistry in Lenoir, North Carolina.


Current affiliations:

NC Dental Society, Western Piedmont Dental Society, American Dental Society, International Association of Dentist, Dun@Bradstreet



  • BS in Chemistry from University of North Carolina
  • BS in Psychology from University of North Carolina
  • BS/PA/DDS in  Dentistry from University of North Carolina