Painful, aching, throbbing tooth?

Over-the-counter medicine not helping?

Want fast relief?

You’ve come to the RIGHT place!!!

We can help you.  An aching tooth does not mean you need to lose the tooth.  We have a solution.


Natural Dental Solutions has developed a natural product composition to treat toothache and dry socket. Once applied to the infected area of the tooth, pain and throbbing will subside for days or months.


This product was tested on approximately 400 patients and it’s 99.9% effective.


The technology can be used by dentists, hospitals, emergency rooms, military base hospitals, military field hospitals, Peace Corps and Samaritan’s Purse internationally.  The treatment for toothache and dry socket can be sold over the counter to the general public.  


This treatment was developed by Dr. William T. Cozart, DDS.  Call us NOW, 828-291-3733! OR Contact Us using our contact form.